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So, this is everything up to and including links to old works. I'll add the drabble links and shortcuts later. I am DONE for now. This is arranged so that is starts from most recent down to oldest (in each category). In the fic category it's arranged by band and pairing, but I'm more lenient on that with the others. It's all bandom, who cares?


    Fall Out Boy

    summer sun; pete/patrick
    song: summer sun by jukebox the ghost
    summary: patrick tries to escape the fame by choosing a life at sea, while pete tries to escape himself in the limelight. they write to each other and it's enough, until one day pete confesses something patrick can't run away from.
    length: 2:16

    alone with you; pete/patrick
    song: daisy by brand new
    summary: the shared madness of pete and patrick.
    length: 3:01

    kiss; pete/patrick
    song: kiss me by new found glory
    summary: "you'll wear those shoes and I will wear that dress" (vidlet)
    length: 0:45

    My Chemical Romance

    burn; katy perry/mikey way
    song: burn by the smashing pumpkins
    summary: mikey leaves katy to head off to war.
    length: 3:17

    dangerous and moving; drac!frank/gerard (gen)
    songs: stand by me by ben e. king
    dangerous and moving by t.a.t.u
    summary: draculoid!frank and the killjoys bid to save him from BLI.
    length: 3:03

    between two points; frank/gerard
    song: between two points by the glitch mob
    summary: it's all a game of who owns who.
    length: 2:14




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