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let's talk about F.A.Qs, baby

This is not the art/vid post you are looking for.

I've noticed recently that I haven't been terribly easy to get in contact with the last few months, and as a result I sometimes miss comments or questions about the permissions I give for my fanworks. This post is my statement on those matters, should messages and comments in regards to these things not reach me.

    Credit where it's due and informing the uninformed (that would be me)
    Don't remove my credit or claim any of it as your own work and we'll be cool. I tend to be lazy about tagging my art so I'm appealing to common decency when I ask that you not steal. (Not that I think my art is under CONSTANT ATTACK!!! but it's good to be proactive... what? I'm a Slytherin.) I'd appreciate being told if you do plan on using any of my work in something, though it's entirely up to you to link me to finished works (though it'd be awesome because then I can flail at you!) contact info at the bottom.

    Bandom and Harry Potter are the only fandoms I'm playing in fanart-wise at the moment, (as well as SP, but that's what itwascrabpeople is for)

    I disclaim! I write/draw/vid lies for fun and not profit, none of the people or characters in my fanworks belong to me or have any idea what my imagination is making them do (and never will. ever.)

    I use SV8 and render my videos at 1280x800 size, wmv format. If you need a smaller file size, file type, or download mirrors then just comment this post or email me and I'll get back to you :)

    Feel free to use any of them in any vidshows and cons, inspiration/prompts in communities or fests or for your own art/fic.

    I use PS5 with a graphics tablet for all my fanart, and save them as .png file types because of reasons. Use in icons or banners or other graphics is swell by me, and like it says above for my vids, you can use them as inspiration/prompts in communities or fests or for your own art/fic whathaveyou.

    Oh, and if it's no trouble, if you notice an image link has died let me know so I can re-upload!

    How to get in contact with the hermit living in a cupboard under some stairs
    - comment this post
    - email me at (which I'm likely to see sooner since I check it often)
    - message me via josiemus_prime

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