josiemus_prime (writtenonarms) wrote,

I'm moving everything!

HI THERE! Just wanted to let you all know that I'm moving all art/fanvids/fic from this account to my journal josiemus_prime and dw [personal profile] josie.

I've felt very scattered with all my accounts and would like to just keep everything in one place.

I'll be deleting this journal sometime in the next few weeks and editing posts in the meantime so that they redirect to my journal. None of the vids, art, or fics are being deleted, only moved.

For anyone interested, the Pete/Patrick rec list is now HERE as I'm deleting [personal profile] problematic as well.

The tags on my lj have been sorted so you can easily go through things by fandom, pairing, fanwork type, and so on. Not everything's there yet as I'm still in the process of importing entries.

Feel free to friend josiemus_prime, suscribe to [personal profile] josie, or my ao3 :)
Tags: !faq, !journal overlord
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